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Oscilloscope is an electronic device used to detect the voltage of an electronic machine. The two main types of the oscilloscope are Analog Oscilloscope and Digital Oscilloscope.

Analog to digital converters are widely applied in digital oscilloscope, which collects the waveforms in the form of illustration shown on the screen. Compared to analog oscilloscope, digital one has higher data processing capabilities and is easier to read and understand.

Digital oscilloscope can be further divided into Digital storage oscilloscope, Sampling oscilloscope and Digital phosphor oscilloscope.

You can call digital storage oscilloscope as conventional oscilloscope. The screen of a digital storage oscilloscope is a kind of plot of the phosphor screen instead of light. The biggest advantage of this scope is that the information shown can be analyzed, stored, printed and archived by the oscilloscope or the connected PC.

Users always prefer to digital oscilloscope because the digital oscilloscope can permanently store the signal as well as the waveform processing wide. They are excellently applicant in high speed, low repetition rate, single shot and multi-channel design.

As for digital phosphor oscilloscope,they are said to be the most advanced digital oscilloscope as they have unique acquisition and displaying capacity. This type of oscilloscope can reform signals quite well. Its architecture is mainly a parallel, not a serial processing one for analysis, printing, storage and archiving, including how it is processed in digital storage oscilloscopes.

Basically the data is rasterizing in the form of waveforms and you can copy it to the storage screen immediately. They do well in irregular signals, communication tests, timing and cyclic digital design.

They are ideal for the treatment of irregular signals, communication tests, timing, and digital design cyclical.

Another is digital sampling oscilloscope. It is effective for the acquisition of signals whose frequency mechanism equipment is higher than the oscilloscope's sample rate. It is able to conquer the bandwidth of high speed and times for cyclic signals, but the dynamic range of this oscilloscope is rather limited, about 1 volt.

All these digital oscilloscopes as well as the probes are easily available. Though they are quite expensive than analog ones, but they have better performance. You should invest your money.

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Know More about the Digital Oscilloscope

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This article was published on 2010/09/27